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Barometric Report Benefits

Barometric provides a number of valuable metrics that are useful for both publishers and advertisers on domains like riji.org.

 Clean Score™

This is a Barometric proprietary score that allows us to rank websites based on clean their traffic is. This score is a way to quickly see how "clean" the website in question is.

 Invalid Traffic by Type

Invalid traffic comes in all shapes and sizes. We break down traffic by type, including good and bad bots, datacenter traffic and non-human behavior.

 Historical IVT Rates

We plot out the percentages of IVT traffic by month and by day. These historical reports allow Barometric to provide trend analysis to anticipate what the future will hold.

 Private Reporting

We give you the ability to toggle your IVT report between public and private. A private report would be visible only to you, while a public report is visible to everyone, including search engines.

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riji.org - 『网络日记』-留住弥足珍贵的记忆-|心情日记_伤感日记_女生日记_暑假日记_寒假日记_装修日记_怀孕日记|

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